Dare to Dream Registration

Use this page to register for Dare to Dream for SBANENY. Registration entitles you to bid on all of this year’s auction as well as providing access to the Dare to Dream online event.

Note: only persons entered individually below will be able to log in and bid on their own behalf! While a single registrant can purchase multiple tickets, only supplied email addresses will become user ids. See below for more details.


First and last name of registrant
Display Name (see note above)
Notify me when I am outbid by:
Email address
Mobile number (10 digits; needed if used for notification)

Enter each person above individually (you or they will be able to update this information once logged into the auction site) and then click the Add to Cart button. On the checkout page that appears, you can click Continue Shopping (in the upper right corner) to register more people. (Note: depending on conditions beyond our control, you may need to re-navigate back to this page.) When checking out, you can either use your PayPal account or a credit/debit card. Please remember to click the box to share your address!

Registrants’ initial passwords will be sent via email once registrations are processed (usually within 24 hours) so you must provide a unique email address for each person being registered. In addition, if you choose either “phone text” or “both” in the “notify when outbid” field, you must also provide a full mobile phone number. Once logged into the auction site, the bidder will be able to update such account information from the My Account area.

“Display Name” is how you want to be identified on an auction item if you bid. You can make this be obvious (your real name or commonly-used userid) or put in something only you would likely know (if you don’t want people knowing what you are bidding on!).  It may be necessary for us to append a sequence number on its end since your Display Name must be unique within all of BiddingOwl, not just SBANENY’s auction.