5th Regional SBANENY Education Day Follow-up

Empowerment through Planning for the Future:
Living with Spina Bifida

If you attended and have not yet completed an evaluation form, please do so and either email it to casemanager@sbaneny.org or mail it to SBANENY, 123 Saratoga Rd, Scotia, NY 12302. Completion is very important both for future planning AND because they are required by several grants that made the conference possible. You can find the evaluation form by clicking here.

Session Slides, Contact Information, & Notes
Empowerment Through:
Planning for the Future
Matt Davis, matt.davis@wku.edu
Executive Functioning Neuropsychology
Practical Tips
Dr Andrew Zabel, zabela@kennedykrieger.org, 443-923-4442
Urology Presentation
Benefits Advisement Presentation
Therapy Dogs
Neurosurgery Presentation
Special Needs Trusts Presentation
Planning for the Future panel Levey presentation
Matt Davis, matt.davis@wku.edu
Dr Andrew Zabel, zabela@kennedykrieger.org, 443-923-4442
Bowel Management Presentation
Self direction Program Presentation
Amanda Espinosa, Amanda.L.Espinosa@opwdd.ny.gov, 518-388-1946
Intimacy discussion Matt Davis, matt.davis@wku.edu



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