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Barbara Diesem-Zimmons, Executive Director


Professional Advisory Council

Matthew Adamo, MD


Board of Directors, alphabetically by surname (current term through, term number [limited to 4])

James Alescio, Treasurer (2018, 1)

Jim Dunham (2018, 2)

Kevin Chamberlain, MBA (2019, 3)

Peggy Felt, BS, Secretary (2020, 2)

Annmarie Fennicks (2018, 1)

Lyndsi Holmes-Wickert, MA, (2019, 2)

Margaret D. Huff, JD (2018, 1)

Michelle R. Miller, QIDP, Immediate Past Chair  (2019, 2)

Tracy Paige, Chair Elect (2020, 1)

Margaret Smith, MS Ed, Chair Elect (2020, 2)

Gloria Zampini (2019, 1)


Committees and Primary Contacts –  asterisks indicate (co-)chairs; capitals indicate chairs must be directors

Administration – Karen Wentworth

Advocacy/Legislative Agenda – Lyndsi Holmes-Wickert*

  • Education – Margaret Smith*, Hali Holmes, Lyndsi Holmes-Wickert, Jim Dunham, Helen Eggenberger
  • Housing – Peg Huff*
  • Transportation  – Lyndsi Holmes-Wickert*

AUDIT & FINANCE – Peggy Felt*, James Alescio, Heather Green-Kirk, Jim Dunham

BOARD DEVELOPMENT – Michelle Miller* (ex officio as BoD Chair), Jim Dunham, Karen Wentworth

CONFLICT OF INTEREST – Margaret Smith (ex officio as BoD Secretary), Heather Green-Kirk, Peg Huff, Annmarie Fennicks

EXECUTIVE – Michelle Miller* (ex officio as BoD Chair), James Alescio, Peggy Felt, Lyndsi Holmes-Wickert, Margaret Smith

Fundraising & Marketing – Jim Dunham*, Kevin Chamberlain, Michelle Miller, Heather Horwedel

  • Walk-N-Roll  – Heather Horwedel*
  • Dare to Dream – Michelle Miller*
  • Direct Mail Campaign – Peggy Felt*

POLICIES & PROCEDURES – Jim Dunham*, Kevin Chamberlain, Peggy Felt, Jim Alescio, Michelle Miller, Peg Huff, Lyndsi Holmes-Wickert


  • Regional Conference –  Julia Duff*, Shameka Andrews, Vanessa Chamberlain, Chris Darby-King, Barb Devore, Lyndsi Holmes-Wickert, Jim McDonald, Karen Wentworth
  • Adult Program Planning  – Shameka Andrews*, Barb Devore*
  • Families with Children Program Planning – Jenn Gallagher, Julia Duff
  • Scholarship – Dan O’Connell*, Barb Devore, Hali Holmes

Executive Director Search and Transition – Jim McDonald*, Michelle Miller, Margaret Smith, Lyndsi Holmes-Wickert, Gloria Zampini, Karen Ballester, Chris Darby-King, Jessica Ryder

Technology/Website – Kevin Chamberlain